#Readwomen2014, Goodreads, Tim O’Brien

* In June, I will only read books by women. I already read women writers often, but it’s still important to remind ourselves to read diversely. I will occasionally Tweet my thoughts and favorite lines under the #readwomen2014 hashtag. @fischermichael0.

*I have no planned reading list for June and like it that way. I enjoy reading spontaneously. I like reaching into my boxes of unread books and pulling ones out at random and saying, “okay, I’ll read this.” Lists haven’t been fun for me since taking comprehensive exams, a traumatizing experience I’m still recovering from.

*I’m also staying near a great independent bookstore, The Island Bookstore, in Kitty Hawk, NC, until I move to Indiana in early July. I might pop in there at times to buy a book, or two, or three.

*I no longer rate all books on Goodreads. If I feel like rating a book four or five stars, I’ll certainly do it, but there’s too much career risk for a writer without a book going around rating books by his more successful peers one, two, and three stars. Maybe I’m paranoid. Even if I am, I’d rather not spend time worrying about it. My psychic space is precious.

*The star-system is ridiculous anyway. When did we reach the point where we substitute stars for nuanced and thoughtful critique? And if you write a sophisticated review on Goodreads, what purpose do the stars serve? Shouldn’t the review stand on its own?

*But I still like Goodreads as a way to track my reading. There’s no rule that a person must rate books.

*Washing off the Stink of Pomposity, Tim O’Brien.



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